Audiolab 6000N Play

Will Roon recognize this Audiolab 6000N Play streamer?
I have an external DAC (Brooklyn Dac which is recognized by roon), so if I connect the streamer to the Brooklyn will this solve the problem???

Audiolab is not a Roon partner, so the 6000N Play is not a Roon Ready device. You could use the inbuilt DAC with a Roon Bridge device that supports S/PDIF, e.g. Allo DigiOne, but it would make more sense using this with the Brooklyn … or simply use a Bridge with USB. The Raspberry Pi 4 running Ropieee will do this for you.

You don’t connect streamers to DACs; it’s the other way around.

I now use roon (on a computer) connected to the brooklyn dac - to my amp.
I’m satisfied with the sound quality. But as you can guess, I would like to test if a streamer/bridge between the computer and the dac will better the sound.
Do I understand you correct?
Will adding the raspberry pi 4 running ropiee give me better sound quality?

We are talking about bits here, so there won’t be any direct sound improvement. However, the advantage of a network bridge such as the Raspberry Pi is that it is silent, so you can move the noisy (electrical and audible) PC out of your listening room.