Audiolab M-DAC 48 kHz clicks and pops

Hi @John_Westlake
I’m very glad to see you on the Roon Forum. I’m a happy owner of the M-DAC. But I have one thing about the M-DAC that I have not been able to solve or find a good solution for (I’ve been through the massive thread on Pink Fish). I get clicks/pops when listening though the USB connection in exclusive mode but only when listening to 48 kHz. It only happens occasionally and a restart of the M-DAC usually solves it.
Over the years I have heard these clicks and pops with four different computers as source and many different cables on both USB 2 and USB 3 ports so my guess is it is somehow the M-DAC. I have never heard it when I upsample to 96 kHz. Have you heard about this problem before or do you have an idea what it could be?