Audiophile Optimizer, Undoing changes

Hello, I hope somebody can help me with the following problem. I have a two PC setup, one Control PC and one AudioPC. The ControlPC is on Windows 8.1 and only running RoonServer. I had my AudioPC also on Windows 8.1 and only running RoonBridge, but decided to change to Windows Server 2012 R2 to further improve the sound quality by using Audiophile Optimizer. The installation did go OK with only an .INF-file I had to change to get the driver for the network adapter (Intel i217-V) accepted. But after running Audiophile Optimizer at the last part when Windows is doing the changes I get the message “We couldn’t complete the features, Undoing changes”. Audiophil pointed out that this was a Windows problem, perhaps it could have something to do with a component store corruption. I did run the command to repair this and got the message that the repair was successful. Unfortunately the message “We couldn’t complete the features, Undoing changes” remained. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Your help is greatly appreciated.

HI Robert,

I’m afraid I don’t know enough about AO to help you with your query, but I was wondering if you’d considered using a thin client renderer (such as the microRendu) in place of your Audio PC ? What kind of output do you use from your Audio PC ?

Hello Andrew,

I started out with a CAPS v3 Zuma PC with JRiver. Through a colleague I got to know Roon. Did some testing and considered the basic sounc quality of Roon equal to JRiver. So I decided to switch, because I also started to use Tidal and liked the user interface of Roon.

Once on Roon I decided to go for the two PC setup. I have my ControlPC fitted wiht a hard disc with my ripped CD’s. The ControlPC is equipped wiht a SOtM tx-usbexp and via USB connected to a T+A DAC 8. And that again to my amplifier. With both PC’s on Windows 8.1 this already sounds very good, clearly better than my old CD player. My actions are now directed on improving on this setup with the T+A DAC 8 which sounds very good. Keeping my ears and eyes open to get the better ideas.

Should that read AudioPC ?
I’ve not tried a 2 PC solution but am very happy with the microRendu powered by the UltraCaps LPS-1.

yes, AudioPC. The sound quality with the two PC setup is definitely better than with a single PC setup. The AudioPC being the most important due to the USB connection to the DAC.

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