Audiophonics 9038Q2M support

Hi there,

I am looking at getting the AUDIOPHONICS RASPDAC MINI Kit DIY Network Reader for Raspberry Pi & DAC ES9038Q2M. I have a couple of Allo products (USBridge and Digione) that run of Dietpi but I am interested in giving RoPieee a go. I note on the RoPieee website it supports the Audiophonics ES9028Q2M but there is no mention of the 9038, does anyone know if this will work?


Don’t see why not as the designation is only relating to the Sabre dac chip being used.

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Ropieee works great on the Allo

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Some Allo devices are based on their own SBC called Sparky and not RPi - my USBridge is such a device, but there might be RPi variants so some homework is needed when wanting to try Ropieee as it wont work on anything but RPi

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There are two scenarios.

  1. It works.
  2. It doesn’t work but Harry fixes it.

I would be confident that it will be OK either way.


The audiophonics uses a pi.

Thanks for all the replies!

I’m looking at the Audiophonics EVO-Sabre which uses the ES9038Q2M chip. Has anyone tried this with RoPieee? @spockfish I see the I-Sabre is listed is it the same with the newer EVO-Sabre?

I have it now running with Ropieee pretty well. I could not get the audiophonics custom images to work and with that I have to forget using the right display for music information. Ropieee works great including volume control.

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