Audioquest Cobalt - Audible pop and turns off/on when phone goes into standby

Just got myself a Cobalt to use with my iPhone 13 Pro and noticed that when I am not playing anything and the phone goes into standby, after about 20 seconds, the Cobalt light turns off then on again, with it flashing red and blue. I can also hear a pop in the IEMs when this happens. It will keep doing this until I either unplug it or start playing music again.

This does not happen when music is playing and was wondering if this is normal behaviour?

Cobalt connected to iPhone with Apple CCK.

Not an Apple user here, but would point my finger at IOS’ aggressive power saving…


You may be on to something here Marin :slight_smile: I will need to see if it behaves differently with my laptop when I get home.

Cheers for chiming in.

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I have an iPhone X and have been using the Cobalt since it pretty much came out and hadn’t noticed this behaviour before…

So, I just did a test and I could also hear a pop when the Cobalt’s status light turns off. As I don’t typically leave it connected (or at least have taken the IEMs out) when not in use I guess I haven’t come across this before.



Seems to be normal behaviour then…

If left connected with no music playing, will yours keep on turning off/on until you play something?

Yes, looks like it - at least it did for the 10mins or so of the test.

You could always drop AQ support a line and ask about this behaviour

Thanks for checking :slight_smile: I may do that and should they reply, will let you know.

@Stampie They replied :slight_smile: @Marin_Weigel Looks like you were right.