Audioquest Dragonfly Black Volume with headphones


I recently added an Audioquest Dragonfly black to my Windows 10 laptop to replace an existing original Dragonfly and I have to say that the volume without DSP controlling it makes the device unusable with my HD700 Sennheiser headphones. If I let windows control the volume I can’t raise it above 2. I’ve setup DSP volume control to keep it within reason, but I’m wondering if there is a better way to handle the gain when the connected to a full powered USB port?

David B.

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I am experiencing a similar issue when using a dragonfly black. Gain is sometimes excellent and sometimes too low for regular listening. I can’t tell what I’m changing to make this happen.

It’s not clear are you saying the output is too low to listen

The AQD black has 1.2 volt output, compared with the Red At 2.2 v

I use my Red with 300 ohm Sennheiser HD 800 with no problem, the black may struggle but low impedance, say 50 ohm, should be Ok

Hi David,
Is the Dragonfly too loud? I had the same issue with my Dragonfly Black, way too loud at only 2 or 3 notches of volume. Even contacted Audio Quest for help, wasn’t helpful. But I ended up getting an iFi “iEmatch” to get a more usable range of volume.


Has anyone solved this issue? Is there a setting in Win 10 that I can adjust? I’m using this on my work laptop and can’t install anything. Also, Roon’s options are limited to max volume setting but not min volume…