Audioquest Dragonfly (DAC)

Roon 1.6.401 x64 installed, trying to join through:
Audioquest Dragonfly (DAC)
NAD C368 (amplifier)
dynavoice definition df-8 (speaker system),
throws out a message, “Roon lost control of audio device”, when I turn on any song. Who faced help.

I’ve had that same problem when I plugged in the Dragonfly in an USB 3 port. With USB 2 no problems

Hello and welcome. What platform (PC nuc nucleus ?) are you using for Roon? What control device are you using. Is there any networking involved beside the Roon connection to the internet?

Roon 1.6 is not the latest version. You should probably update to the latest version first.

Again from the begining, the listening circuit is as follows,
Local files are saved on DELL G5 laptop, Dragonfly Black v.1.5 is connected via USB, than 3.5 mm jack to 2RCA cable goes in to NAD C368 amplifier, and final Dynavoice Definition df-8 speakers.
It’s interesting that same circuit when i use Foobar2000 works fine.
Via bluetooth as well.

Roon in Audio settings sees my DAC

AudioQuest Device Manager does not offer option to configure settings

My Settings screen is a little different from yours, probably due to the the differences in Roon versions, but I don’t see anything out of place.

I have Roon Version 1.7 (build 511), you listed yours as Roon 1.6 build(401). I run Roon on a NUK/Rock setup with a wireless connection to my pc zone using a Dragonfly Cobalt and Bose Companion 20 speakers.

I have not had any issues with it and don’t understand why yours would not be working.

Due you see an option on your initial Roon screen, or on the About page, to upgrade to the newer version?

Don’t know if that would make any difference but I would run the upgrade and see.

Is yours USB 2 or 3? @Ron_Witkamp mentioned he had the issue on USB 3 but not on USB 2. My Dac is plugged in to a USB 2 port. Have not tried USB 3 so can’t say if that could be the issue.

My Dragonfly Cobalt works fine on both USB 2.0 and 3.0. I’m running the latest version of Roon on all my devices.