Audioquest Jitterbug with NUC

Just wondered if anyone else has tried a similar setup. I am running ROCK from an Intel 5i3 NUC. I have a Bluesound Vault 2i which I can use as a NAS drive, but I have started using the backup drive–a Toshiba 2 Tb USB 3.0 drive–as a local drive for playing, which essentially makes the Vault the backup. I still use the Vault as the player but I have found the local drive gives better performance. I have an Audioquest Jitterbug that I use in conjunction with a Dragonfly when listening through headphones but it occurred to me that running the USB drive through the JItterbug plugged into the NUC should improve things. Thoughts and comments welcome.

I have a jitterbug plugged into my Mac Mini (2018 w/32gb ram) then usb into my dac. Running Roon Core on Mac mini mounted to side of turntable rack. Works great for me.

I have a Jitterbug between my NUC and my Peachtree Nova via a Wireworld USB cable. It made a dramatic sound improvement. Worth every penny.

I am using the internal DAC in the Vault with good results; I just wondered if running the local USB drive through the Jitterbug iand then into the NUC would produce improvements. To my ear it does, but I was curious if anyone else has tried this.

Apart from potentially fixing any grounding issues (which I’m not sure if Jitterbug does?) I can see no reason that a device like that would have any impact at all between the HDD and NUC.

In this case, bits really are bits.

I misunderstood. I don’t know that that would make a difference or not so I won’t opine any further.