review of the microRendu

A microRendu review by Michael Lavorgna has been published today (Thursday) at It’s here:

Of course Roon is used to review it! :grin:

A small excerpt:

Simple Done Right
With the Sonore microRendu in my system, my music sounds as good, or better, than it ever has. Period. This systems has included multi-thousand dollar servers and streamers and the microRendu sounds at least as good, and in most cases better than any of them. For a specific example, I compared the microRendu to the recently reviewed Baetis Audio Revolution III Media Server and found that I preferred the microRendu. Sound quality-wise, I A/B’d between the two using the recently reviewed PS Audio DirectStream Junior1 over days and weeks and the little microRendu simply sounded better. It’s worth noting that the AES cable that was included for the Baetis review costs $1,250.

When the tiny microRendu first arrived I compared it to my trusty old MacBook Pro, which has been serving my tunes for years. This comparison lasted all of a few minutes as it was no contest—out went the worse-sounding MacBook Pro which will never again be a part of my hi-fi. The microRendu makes music sound more like music and less like some overly-processed rendition thereof. Every recording opens up into a more natural-sounding space, the noise floor drops to reveal greater micro-detail, nuance, and increased dynamic range, while tone colors become more vivid and you, your mind & body become more relaxed and able to simply listen and enjoy. What more do you need to know?

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Congratulations on another great review! You guys really hit the jackpot with the microRendu. Lavorgna’s notes on the sound quality are spot-on IMO.

No issue, Keep a look out as Michael Lavorgna will post a review on the Small Green Computer sonicTransporter / Sonore microRendu combination very soon.