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OK, so I used free:ac to convert the files to Flac. All 24 bit tests now pass using AS.
Very odd, that it doesn’t pass using wav 24 bit.

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My audio chain is simple, I have hooked my speakers to Denon AVR. And, Denon has excellent support for UPnP and supports 24/192 seamlessly. Now, with Roon, the only way I can connect to my Denon (other than the HDMI) is via Airplay, and believe me, Airplay is pathetic. Now, if Roon supported UPnP natively, I could have easily connected to my Denon AVR without having to rely on AIrplay. There are a lot of devices out there with excellent UPnP support. Native RAAT support is pretty limited.

Why is Airplay 2 pathetic? It works very well on my system. All you need is a strong Wifi signal.

Roon doesn’t support Airplay 2, I believe. Wi-Fi signal is not an issue in my case.

Roon supports Airplay. The question is: does your audio device?

Roon doesn’t support Airplay2 natively, see this thread.

What model Denon? This seems like something a cheap Raspberry Pi could solve. Throw a few bucks at Allo and it’d up the game of your Denon pretty considerably. I have an integrated and still throw a Rasp Pi behind it to get RAAT. Actually sounds better than the internal streamer of the integrated.

Personally (While I had AS trial) I liked certain things about it. With Roon, I also like certain things about it. No need to pick one over the other. The UPnP feature in AS is great for me. Roon is polished, bug free and the suggestions are spot on.

The spanner in the works for me is Apple hi-res. Hopefully - it will be integrated in both these sometime in the future.

The new Audirvana remote app for Studio is available.
It does not work for HRA streaming. I get “request error” for anything I try to play.
HRA works when played directly from the Mac.
Remote works for Qobuz and Tidal.

Relatively speaking perhaps…


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If you are going to resort to upnp then just use bubbleupnp for free?

It’s actually come a long way since the early days and I rarely have any problems with it any longer.
Sure, no Bio but that’s why it’s free…lol

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‘mconnect’ is also a decent app and more polished than Bubble UPnP.

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Bubble UPnP is actually quite a good player, but it cannot play DSD files and unfold MQA. Audirvana Studio can do both and transfer native DSD and the first MQA unfold wirelessly directly to AVR. And fully agree - MConnect is better.

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I used to use mconnect when I had a bluesound vault 2.
It was ok from memory.

I will not be changing from Roon anytime soon though….

Tell that to Apple iOS users

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I agree since late 1.7 and continuing through 1.8 my Roon IOS UI experience has been less than stellar. I’ve reached out to Roon, but I have to date I’ve gotten no more than a few replies asking for my configuration… sad part is my server is a Nucleus +.

I guess the answer is to keep my head down and suck it up.

Ouch - I don’t have a Mac. I suppose no software is perfect. When I wrote this, I was comparing the headache I was having with Audirvana compared to Roon. At the time, Audirvana was going through a rough patch, they still are in a way but they have been working away at it and things have improved significantly. Unfortunately, that is also relative, there is still a long way to go.

+1 RAAT is what makes ROON the best experience for multiple devices. I’ve got 8 Bluesound devices and 2 computers hooked up to DAC’s feeding different amps.

I also like how ROON folds my local library and streaming libraries together. SQ for my ears is also better than AS. EQ, headroom, upsampling all work seamlessly. My experience with Audirvana was less than stellar, crashes, stalling etc. My ROON core is running on an i7 with 16GB RAM – Audirvana just did not cut it for me.


My Audirvana Studio one year trial ended today. Until/unless I have a good reason, I will not renew my subscription for a second year. While I like Audirvana Studio OK, I don’t need it. I’m now using Roon at home (on Nucleus) and away from home (on laptop). I have Audirvana 3.5 and Apple Music as “fallback” for Roon.