Audirvana Studio

If you wanted lifetime, you were smart to get it. Roon has said they’ll terminate it at some point. It pays off in time. I’m at over five years. House money now.

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I am very interested to see and hear tomorrow what it’s hiding behind a new Audirvana Studio.

Amazingly no sneak peaks , so we have to wait . They will have to have done some crafty footwork to catch up with Roon.

The number of people who say SQ is better but to me the whole UI and Remote experience is sub par , there are several DNLA remotes that do much better

But wat for tocatch up with Roon?

For me Roon is for a while - for searching and cataloging, while Audirvana is for listening for the long time, what I have found with Roon.
But now that they’ve improved the search - who knows if Roon will be stil needed for me…
We will see.

Audirvana Studio will be subscription only. €70 a year or €6.99 a month.

Our whole lives will be subscription only…


They try to move to a SAS model. I have my doubts knowing the quality of Audirvana.
As a buyer of 3.5 you can test it till end of July 2021 for free they say.

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Also I wonder for the integration of streaming. Till now Roon has the best one by far. Second is Plex but with very basic options and that’s it. Audirvana doesn’t mix my local library with the online. If it’s halfway between Roon and Plex i’ll give it a try till August when my subscription ends. After all it’ll be 50% cheaper which is very good.

Multiple streaming to more than 1 device will be my needs, plus the last time I trialed it took forever to deal with my 270k local library.

Likewise the ability to work with displays and control interfaces around the house like ropieee gives me.

I use(d) Audirvana 3.5 only in a streaming context with the Highres audio service.
My local library is only Roon, plus a rest of SACD Isos with JRiver.
I will try to avoid Audirvana altogether.

It’s terrible… everybody wants our money, monthly. Every month. Forever. I wish this subscription craze would finally just blow over.


You can try the good old Foobar2000. Free and plays everything.


Are you sure € not $ ?

They said € or $. Currencies will be treated the same.

Personal library wise Foobar is a way much better tool than Roon, in many scenarios.

The subscription model makes sense for a service like product, but from a software application’s point of view it’s now more and more of a trend than a technical/economical (from the company point of view) necessity.


SaS is a trend but a profitable one. You can use a program for many years if it works. No need for an upgrade. But that means no income for the company. With a reasonable price you can have a rolling release and happy customers.

Now Roon is the best in that role. Each year I give the money because I get them 100% back. If audirvana manages to do the same maybe I’ll switch. But I don’t want a static program. I want continuous improvement.

Which is exactly the biggest issue with the subscription model: it doesn’t do any good to innovation and real development progress!

It’s a far cry for the best and mostly because their focus is more on the service they provide and less on the application (and sadly others that offer this combination of software/service/subscription are having the same approach).

SaS (software-as-service) is not the same thing as a subscription. And it doesn’t necessarily implies a subscription, though we are going fast in that direction.

I’ll probably trial it (AS) maybe on my Windows PC / RoonServer Core and while Roon Lifetime is fully paid up now after 5 years it has to compete not just is SQ but use for multiroom or its no contest.

pity there is no option to use on a NUC like ROCK Nucleus with Linux but I guess I can always swap out the SSD and use Windows on that. But my Windows PC is silent/fanless bar the 16TB HDD in it :grimacing: