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Agree, everything comes to your Audio Chain. Few devices work seamlessly with UPnP, few don’t.

The only tag is apparently MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID , if you files already contain that from using SongKong then I assume AS looks and skips. That would explain why some of my files were changed and some not . I have used SongKong but not extensively so its a random mix of files with that tag and without

On the face of it AS is going to do an (active) online Lookup from MusicBrainz using that tag to “fill in the gaps” of the metadata . What’s not clear is if that Lookup supersedes your local metadata.

Sorry maybe being a bit pessimistic maybe , I was smarting from when I started up AS it crippled my PC (i7, 3.7 ghz, 16 Gb) as Roon was running too. I assume it was its auto tagging / analysis

Adding insult to injury , the files it changed were then reimported into Roon causing a double whammy . This I now believe would be a one time thing.

That Laptop running just AS looks fine but for Roon I would worry hence my comment. If Roon is not involved it should be OK. My AS install is running 0.17 GB RAM for admittedly a very small sample library. O course its easy enough to try, if Roon and AS are separate.

For the time being (unfortunately since Damien the inventor is a quite nice person ) AS soft has plenty of bugs and even with a new version 1.1 bugs are still here and for certain users it is not even possible to listen to music … i use roon and Audirvana but until these problems are not solved i will not subscribe to AS and for ROON this will bring new customers (anyway we have to admit sound quality of As is outstanding (i just believe my ears !! …When it works !!) and multi room capability was expected but not finally included in AS …again a good point for ROON

Nor sure outstanding is a word I would use for AS sound. Didnt like it at all myself, it sounds overally processed to me, lacking in bass and mid weight. It has lots of detail but for me that was it. Musicality as a result was lacking and it felt fatiguing over a even a short listening experience. I get why some like it but for me no thanks.

I used Audirvana 3.5 before and was not satisfied with SQ and stability. So switched to Roon finally. I installed a PI 4 Ropeee as a bridge connected to my RME DAC a week ago. Since then SQ improved much compared to the DAC directly connected to NUC. So that was a step forward. And now I tested Audirvana Studio app with the DAC directly connected to the NUC. I checked with Qobuz stream and well known titles. It is a different sound impression may be a matter of taste? AS sounds weaker in middle and bass,more spot to higher frequencies due to that you have the impression of a bigger larger room the sound was recorded in. I mean, a club surrounding sounds a bit like a concert hall background. I did not like it at all. So back to Roon until anything else to compare.

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This is MQA 24/192 with Audirvana Studio and Dragonfly Cobalt. Looks to be working properly.

Audirvana takes its shot. Interesting…

‘More transparent than ever’…What was it before then?

There have been several threads on this already is there need for another one? It’s as far away from Roon as it’s always been, Roon has nothing to fear. Yes I tried this version it’s a buggy mess, not a nice UI, modifies your files and as for SQ it was not for me sounds artificlal and messed with. Not worth price of entry for me even if it was lifetime let alone as a subscription.

I’ve now merged topics / posts into this “Audirvana Studio” topic … hopefully further comments will follow on in here, now we have a “home” for them.

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Less transparent than ever…

Does this mean Audirvana has to pay per mqa decode like roon says they have to?

Could that be one of the (many) factors that prompted them to move from upgrade pricing to subscription pricing?

You know what, the most annoying part of Audirvana is GUI. They can never make it right. The graphic components are here and there and not intuitive, and everything is so TINY on my iMac 27’.


How about this popped in my mail


It won’t play to my Cambridge Audio CXN so I haven’t played a single track yet !!

Roon , don’t bother to shake in your boots just yet :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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As far as AS is concerned I think its like maybe till Roon 2.0 is quite safe

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And God forbid they would change anything.
The GUI is simple, intuitive and polished.

I’m curious - what is the attraction to UPnP? Are there devices you want to use that are not Roon-Ready/RAAT-capabile? The ability to use multiple RAAT-capable devices in either multiple-stream or grouped configurations for multi-room use is one of the most compelling advantages of Roon. And RAAT has been perfectly stable for me in both wired and wireless situations. And add to that the ability of Roon to stream to Sonos (although you cannot group Sonos and RAAT endpoint, but that’s not a big deal for me). I tried to use UPnP with Audirvana 3.5 and not only does it not offer the multiple-endpoint capabilities of Roon, it was never as stable as RAAT. So why the interest in UPnP?

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Yes actually I think that is correct.
I use BubbleUPnP still simply for the reason that it does indeed see other devices that Roon does not, like all of my TV sets for example.

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Interesting. Could you not use a Chromecast with your TVs? Easily supports Roon, no?