Audirvana Studio

Of course I could and I do have three CCA but why spend the extra for these TV application when bubbleupnp does the job for free.
TV limited to 48 anyway.

Same Roon passes all tests in my system.
Audirvana fails on 24 bit.

There is a massive number of UPNP / DLNA devices and a relative handful of RAAT.

I have a Cambridge Audio CXN sitting rusting , it’s a V1 and not Roon ready like the later V2, I use a R1000 pi and leave a R25,000 hifi streamer to rot.

There is a lot of interest in DLNA and is perfectly stable when properly implemented eg JRiver Media Centre > CXN sounds just as good as Roon and the customised views make navigation simpler in some instances

I run both in parallel, JRiver covers both audio and video. I have been using it for 10 years since I went digital.

The lack of multi room in Audirvana is an Audirvana limitation not DLNA, JRiver has multi zone just like Roon

Yes Chromecast would work but limited on its outputs , ie optical which in my case limits to 24/96

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That’s strange. I didn’t expect a player with such appreciated sound quality not to be bit-perfect.
So, the 16-bit tests passed in your system, but not the 24-bit ones?

RAAT is Roon’s ace in the hole. Especially now that it’s in a fairly significant number of devices. This enables so much, in addition to just multi-room. I’ve been perusing the Audirvana website about Studio and I have to say I’m not impressed. A few features look really cool, but lacking quite a few things that Roon has done for a few years now. Just catching up I guess…

Well they’ve caught up with the purple perhaps


In my system the wav 24bit test fails. The test reports a pass at 16bit. So the data is passing somewhere between 24bit and 16bit. Roon passes all tests at native bit depths in my system.

Both Roon and Audirvana pass 24 bit test file with my ADI-2…

Audirvana isn’t exactly half price. A Roon subscription, paid annually, costs you $ 9.99 (or € 8.50). Audirvana Studio is € 7. Not a great difference. Have you tried AS? You’ll be running back to the arms of Roon, I can assure you (unless of course a difference of € 1,50 will make you put up with a Beta version at best). If such a minimal price difference matters, then I don’t think you should have audiophile playback as a hobby.

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OK, so I used free:ac to convert the files to Flac. All 24 bit tests now pass using AS.
Very odd, that it doesn’t pass using wav 24 bit.

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My audio chain is simple, I have hooked my speakers to Denon AVR. And, Denon has excellent support for UPnP and supports 24/192 seamlessly. Now, with Roon, the only way I can connect to my Denon (other than the HDMI) is via Airplay, and believe me, Airplay is pathetic. Now, if Roon supported UPnP natively, I could have easily connected to my Denon AVR without having to rely on AIrplay. There are a lot of devices out there with excellent UPnP support. Native RAAT support is pretty limited.

Why is Airplay 2 pathetic? It works very well on my system. All you need is a strong Wifi signal.

Roon doesn’t support Airplay 2, I believe. Wi-Fi signal is not an issue in my case.

Roon supports Airplay. The question is: does your audio device?

Roon doesn’t support Airplay2 natively, see this thread.

What model Denon? This seems like something a cheap Raspberry Pi could solve. Throw a few bucks at Allo and it’d up the game of your Denon pretty considerably. I have an integrated and still throw a Rasp Pi behind it to get RAAT. Actually sounds better than the internal streamer of the integrated.

Personally (While I had AS trial) I liked certain things about it. With Roon, I also like certain things about it. No need to pick one over the other. The UPnP feature in AS is great for me. Roon is polished, bug free and the suggestions are spot on.

The spanner in the works for me is Apple hi-res. Hopefully - it will be integrated in both these sometime in the future.

The new Audirvana remote app for Studio is available.
It does not work for HRA streaming. I get “request error” for anything I try to play.
HRA works when played directly from the Mac.
Remote works for Qobuz and Tidal.

Relatively speaking perhaps…


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