Augment Roon's album based genre assignments where TiVo is selling \0

TiVo’s metadata has been steadily diminishing with respect to completeness, accuracy and relevance since allmusic sold. Over the last 2 years or so it seems the decline has accelerated quite significantly. Countless albums with no track titles, no composer metatada and absent or inane genre assignments like Pop/Rock with no sub-genres/styles attached.

This directly impacts the richness of exploration, playback, Roon Radio when not streaming, Valence (assuming genres play a role) etc. within Roon.

Seeing as Roon also holds genre metadata by artist, how about augmenting albums that come only with a single top level genre entry with those you hold for the artist, so that:


picks up the genre and style metadata from this:

End result is a single broad top level genre assignment “Country” turns into something a little more meaningful and useful like the pic below, enabling more meaningful exploration, playback, Roon Radio when not streaming, Valence etc? :


I appreciate the end result won’t be perfect and might cause the odd album to be misclassified here and there, however, their classifications are already in most cases meaningless and a few misclassifications among thousands of meaningful improvements is streets ahead of the current trajectory.

Like it or not Roon is a metadata driven app and no amount of new features and innovation through machine learning and ultimately AI will overcome rot at the core if left unaddressed.