Auralic Aries G1 into Chord MScaler

Macbook Pro with Roon installed … sees the Auralic Aries G1 which is hard wired to internet. Auralic has USB A-B into MScaler / TT2.

Roon sees the Auralic Aries and plays through it but only at 44.1 and not seeing MScaler the Mscaler gets 44.1

Is this right ? I know MQA not supported by Chord but I thought this would be put out as 192 to the MSc not 44.1 ??

What am I doing wrong ?

The acreenshot here shows you playing back music to the Mac i believe you are using for music selection.
You should enable the Auralic in Settings-Audio and then select it as a Zone. If you are getting audio out of your Aries/Chord combo right now you must be using AirPlay or someting on the Mac.

Got to this now ? Still going to MSC at 44.1

The place who kindly lent me the Aries G1 will go through it tomorrow … which is good of them and just helping me online at 2120 UK time ! Great service … :slight_smile:

Your still using OS Mixer I think you need to be using CoreAudio.

Think sorted. :blush:


There you go! Hope it sounds great! :slight_smile:

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