Auralic Aries G1


  1. Does the Aries G1 support auto sleep? I’m guessing it doesn’t because I can’t see how to enable the feature in device set-up…
  2. As far as MQA is concerned would you recommend doing it in Roon or via the Aries?
    Currently I have put “Renderer only” for the Auralic andI’m doing the decoding in Roon.

I have a Vega G2. It does not show auto-sleep, either. I assume this is something the Roon Core queries the embedded Roon Bridge to determine if the device supports it. So perhaps Auralic will add support for it in a future firmware update. Best bet would be to ask over on the Auralic community forum.

Aries isn’t a DAC, so MQA settings will depend on what DAC you have connected to it.

Thks. I have a Benchmark DAC3. Doesn’t support MQA so MQA decoding needs to happen before. I was wondering if it will be better to do it in Roon or the Aries…