Auralic Aries Mini internal SSD current limitations

Anyone using an internal SSD with an Auralic Aries Mini? I notice that Auralic guidelines state that the maximum current requirement for an internal SSD is limited to 1.0 amp. I can’t find a 1TB 2.5" internal SSD which is that low. It seems 1.5 amps and above is the norm.

Perhaps direct the question to Auralic support on their contact page? here

Yes indeed, I’m aware of that, thanks. They have a similar forum to this one, although not as busy, interestingly. ( EDIT I see that you’re on there :grinning: ) What I’m looking for is the experiences of someone actually doing it, what drive they have and what results they get. It seems that it’s not always easy to find out the max current value of these drives.

SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB SATA III — problem free

@Kevin_Roxby Thanks Kevin. Do you know the current (amps) rating of your drive?

@jobseeker power details are available here.

I can only ever find power (watts) not current (amps) which is what I need Russ.

You could calculate it SATA uses 12v, 5v and 3v dc I believe?

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:+1: thanks Russ

Pretty sure 2.5” Sata is only 5v

They all seem to be