Auralic Aries Mini, Roon 1.5 and MQA


Any recommendations on setting this up? I don’t have an MQA enabled DAC, so I guess the best setup is to tell Roon “No MQA support” under device setup, and then tell Auralic to do a “MQA Pass-through” so it doesn’t interfere with the signal from Roon.

…or what do you recommend?

That’s how I’m testing it out at the moment.

I would say it depends on what happens after your Aries in your chain?

If the signal is going on to a non-MQA DAC like the OP says, then I guess the alternative is to let the Auralic do it’s pseudo-MQA decode and see how that sounds after going to the off-board DAC. In my case, it’s a combined DAC-Preamp, so I do have the option of Auralic pseudo-MQA decode/render and then analogue out into my DAC-Preamp. Haven’t tried it yet.

Actually I found out that Auralic does not recommend MQA at all, if you don’t have a MQA DAC. Did some testing with Norah Jones and they are right. More dynamic and openness on the non-MQA version. So that’s the solution :slight_smile:

I guess that very much depends on your equipment plus how you did your testing and may well vary on an album by album basis (master-dependent perhaps?). All good stuff to experiment with. I’m not necessarily swayed by Auralic’s advice, given their quick initial MQA support followed by their subsequent spat with MQA over licensing/decoding/rendering.