Auralic Aries Mini

I am thinking of getting the Auralic Aries Mini. Will Roon let me control Tidal content being sent to the Aries Mini like it does for the Bluesound Node 2?

Yes, it is a Roon Ready device.

Another added bonus is that the Aries Mini, along with being fully roon ready, also supports airplay/bluetooth. This is handy if you have guests that have music on their phone you want to play.

Aries Mini is Roon Ready only with fw 5.x, still in beta: you must enroll to install it

What must you enroll in?

beta program. from your profile, in Lightning DS

You mean my Roon account is account is still in Beta, so the Mini won’t be seen as an endpoint?

your Auralic account!
you must create one when setting up an Auralic product

Maybe this helps.

This is much appreciated! Thx

Thank you. I understand now what you are saying now.