Auralic Aries only Airplay?

Hi all.

So I signed up for 14 days free trial and my first snag was getting the Roon software to control my Auralic Aries. All I´m capable of right now is to use Airplay on my Auralic.

I´ve tested two individual computers as core. One with Ethernet and one with Wifi. Both on the same network as the Auralic. Both times I get only the “Airplay” option.

I would like to use Roon as a controller, both from MacOS and iOS feeding files bit perfect from core via ethernet to my Auralic.

Is that even possible? Any tips?


Hello @on247,

Using the Lightning DS app for AURALiC, you may need to open the settings for the Device and enable the “Roon Ready” option. Make sure your firmware is up to date as well!


Thanks. So it’s possible then.

Edit: That worked great. The testing of Roon can begin now. :+1:

Where is this option? I have the latest firmware but i dont see it anywhere? I just bought an aries mini today.

Found it. I had to update to the beta firmware.