Auralic Aries vs Aries mini


Have anyone compared the sound quality on the two Auralic streamers as Roon End point? I have the mini and I’m considering an upgrade.

I only use the digital-out on the mini today…

Aries vs Aries Mini when used as endpoint probably boiled down to femto clock Aries is using. Femto clock provides lower jitter and noise when is fed to an external DAC.

Thats a good summery. And that’s what I found out…the big question is; is it audible and worth the upgrade-money? :thought_balloon:

I used to own Aries with the femto clock but later settled for Aries Mini. I didn’t tried Aries as endpoint at that time, but only Mini. The sound from Aries is described to be very ‘accurate’ and ‘clinical’ but I prefer Mini which sounded more ‘relaxed’ and ‘natural’ to me. This is subjective but there’s a huge jump in pricing, not sure it is worth the money spent.

It is easily measurable. And clocks do make a difference. But that is no guarantee that everyone will appreciate those differences. If you are in doubt look at other benefits. When I upgraded my DAC the sound was important but the much greater range of inputs swung it.