Auralic devices

I have all the Original Auralic separates ( Aries Femto, Vega, Taurus Pre and two Merak mono blocks). My end point is the AriesFemto but at one time a few months ago I don’t know what I did but the Vega also showed up. Can you explain why that would happen? Now only the Aries shows but now I am wondering if they both should show or not. Thank you.

Does it make sense that I would be able to see an icon of both the Aries streamer and the Vega DAC (Roon tested)? I think it showed up on the signal path window or on the bottom right screen between the Queue and speaker volume control. It even had the Vega icon.

Hello @Michael_Mowery,

When the VEGA DAC is connected to the ARIES via USB, it should show as a “Bridge Device” in the “Device Setup” screen for the ARIES zone. The “Bridge Device” will only appear when using the USB output on the ARIES.


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That answers it. I switched to AES/EBU.

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