Auralic Mini with internal storage and ROON connectivity

Ok. Sorry guys because I am sure amongst the 40 million posts on this site this has been answered… apologies in advance but I have read through as many as I can and not been able to get exactly the answer I was after. The recent beta testing 5.0 firmware upgrade for the Aries Mini has been welcome and I have started the trial version of Roon. My Aries Mini has the internal SSD 1TB storage and I also have a Seagate 4TB external hard drive where I back up all my music to.
So a couple of points:

  • In the lightning DS software I have changed in settings the TAB to “Roon Ready”.

  • I have the ROON software downloaded onto my MAC and have selected the Aries Mini in Audio settings.

  • Now. Roon seems to only be noticing my files on my computer (including my TIDAL subscription.) However, no files appear from the Auralic (all my music is on my Auralic Hard drive).

  • if my files for my music are on the Auralic Mini (and the mini is on my network which my MAC can see) surely the ROON software should pick this up as well?


  • I am running a Chord Electronics DAVE DAC. I am presuming because I am running the Auralic Aries Mini into the DAVE via USB that I do not have to tell ROON to locate my DAC. Correct?

  • Do I have to (and how do I) add the Aries Mini to ROON so it recognizes the music on that hard drive?

  • Let me get this right. ROON does not store the music it is similar to Audivarna and just acts a controller . Yes?

Once again. Apologies for the basic questions and I am sure it has been addressed here but considering the Aries Mini has only recently been upgraded to be compatible with ROON there might not be much on this?