Auralic Vega 256 DSD upsampling [resolved]

Gentlemen, I can’t get the DSD256 upsampling for my Auralic Vega connected via Sonore µRendu. There are options for 64 and 128 only available via drop-down menu. Is there a way to fix this?

PS Vega is updated and capable of receiving the 256.

Hi Pavel,

I brought your post into this Support thread so we can get dev assistance to get it solved if necessary.

Can you post a screenshot of the device settings showing what resolutions the Vega is telling Roon it can support ?

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@andybob Thanks! But in the next 8 hrs I unable to do so, will update you a bit later then. As far as I could see this morning, it seems that the Vega giving nothing to Roon via µRendu…

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Ah, an mR between Roon and the Vega. Check whether DoP is selected in the SonicOrbitor software Roon Ready configuration page.

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I think the VEGA needs Native mode to do DSD256. If you’re seeing options up to DSD128 it’s probably configured for DoP.

Not sure whether or Native works with the mR or not (and we don’t have a VEGA here to try, unfortunately), but it uses the normal mechanism so it might.

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I’ve just checked everything and here are my findings:

  1. I failed to find any listing of available Sample Rates in Roon from Vega
  2. with DoP selected via SonicOrbiter I’m able to choose up to DSD128 upsampling
  3. with Native selected via SonicOrbiter DSD265 is available but the Vega can’t recognize the signal correct and shows 44.100 on it’s display.

UPD: yes, for DSD256 the Native actually works! (I forgot to turn DSP Conversion ON) :blush: )