Auralic Vega G2 DAC vs Streamer connection

someone has already tested the sonic difference of the Auralic Vega G2 Streamer vs. DAC. Does the DAC connection sound better on the roon core?

Newbie, my 1st question is here :slight_smile:

I have the streamer and the dac, have to be honest and say I heard no difference between just the dac and the dac with the streamer connected via the Lightning Link, I have DutchDutch 8c speakers connected via XLR.

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Hi @Ratbert,

you have both the DAC (Auralic Vega G2) and the streamer (Aries G2)? Have you bought them yet or are you still auditioning them? What do they sound like? Much better than their “predecessors”? I’d love to hear more about this, because I’m thinking of buying them, too. Will audition them next weekend…

Auditioning currently. I had a NADAC PLAYER before these and whilst the character is not as absolutely revealing I find I prefer it, no missing detail and more listenable if that makes sense, Roon integration seems very good and rock solid so far.

Does the album art show on the screen when using roon on the G2 streamer?

Yes although you can configure it to be off if you choose, see below for poor quality pictures :anguished:

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And for completeness the DutchDutch 8c’s


Looks fantastic!

I am impressed, if you can I would arrange a home demonstration.

…Thank you for your prompt reply. My question was not worded correctly. The VEGA G2 can be used as streamer and as DAC. If I use the Vega G2 as streamers (LAN) or as DAC (USB) on my Innuos (= Roon-Core). have you noticed a tonal difference? :mega::minidisc:

I tried and in my admittedly short test I did not notice any discernible difference, if you don’t require the inputs the streamer provides then the dac by itself would be an excellent choice.

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Hi @simply,

are you using the DAC as a streamer? Is it possible to install an internal SSD in it? I’ve found contradictory information on this…

I am using it as an endpoint as I already have my Rock Server set up, I understand you can install a hard drive or SSD


The VEGA G2 can be operated as a pure DAC or as a slimmed-down streamers (compared to the Aries G2), as streamer the covers are shown in the display. I think the DAC connection is better ?? But still test if I hear a difference - at least not yet

… sorry forgot - a HDD / SSD can not be installed

Thanks a lot for clarifying this.

Hi @simply!
Hi @Ratbert!

Any news on your experiences with the Vega/Aries G2? What have your impressions been so far? Any complaints or are you “floating on cloud nine”?

same question about the sound quality of ARIES G2 + VEGA G2.

I have ARIES V1 that I love, and I was searching for a high-end + 10.000 $ DAC (like NADAC, NAGRA, Brinkman Nyquist…) , but… with the arrival of the G2 serie, I wonder if the synergy between ARIES G2 + VEGA G2 + LEO G2 Master clock could make that this combo beat some much more expensive DACs.

So**, any comment on the sound quality of ARIES G2 + VEGA G2 will be very welcome…**

thanks in advance

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of course I can only pass on my experience with the Vega G2. I have a high quality cable connected to the USB and am very satisfied. if a NaDac sounds even better? It’s always better. I hear subtleties that I did not notice before. What I think is great, is the ability to use the Vega as a streamer

Best Greeting Simply :Sonnenbrille:j

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