Authorization issue

I just was playing my mac Roon core and decided to switch to my Sonictransporter core(linux) and the software did not
ask me to deauthorize the mac core! I started playing the sonictrasnporter ,no problem. Both are connected to the same ethernet switch.

I believe these authorization issues may be creating the roon iphone and imac app connection issues I have been having.

I hope you guys look into this.

You can’t have 2 cores authorised at the same time. What has happened is completely normal, to switch to a new core you have to “deauthorise” the existing. It will be the samke when you go back to your Mac, you will have to deauthorise the sonic transporter core. I am unsure why you want 2 cores on the same network but i am sure you have your reasons.

The mac Roon never asked me to deauthorize it when I switched to Sonictransporter Roon core and I was playing music through the Sonictransporter roon software .

I opened the Roon app and it still showed the Mac core as ready to use and the Sonictransporter stuck on initializing even though I was playing the Sonictransporter core on my speakers (using the mac as a remote )

This is a problem .

I use the sonic transporter on the same newtwork because the mac is a business computer I need to turn off for security purposes unless I’m in the office

I believe this issue is one of the reasons why I have problems connecting to Roon sometimes through the iPhone app