Authorization message in Roon

@support : I own 2 lifetime Roon accounts. I just deauthorized this am one Core named “Finally” to enable me to migrate my account to a new core on a i7 sonictranporter. When I login from an ipad remote, it immediately finds the “sonictransport” but says that I MUST deauthorize one of two accounts to access the new core. The only two accounts listed are “sonictransport” and “musicvault”…both valid accounts. How do I get past this issue?

Hey @Dennis_Roderick,

Just to verify — The “Finally” Core is no longer being used and you intend to continue using “sonictransport” and “musicvault”, correct?

When you’re authorizing the SonicTransporter go ahead and select deauthorize for the “sonictransport” Core. Once you do that does it let you in?