Authorization problem

I am new to Roon. I have dowloaded Roon software on my iPad and iPhone as well as a Windows 7 PC. I am using Roon on an Innuous server and Sonos playbar. Everything was fine until I had to unplug and move the Innuous. After plugging it in again, I get a message stating that only one device is authorized and I must request more authorizations. I’m not technically inclined so I may be using the wrong terminology in this message. Anyway, how do I get Roon to work again on my server?

Hi @Stephen_Brown ---- Thanks for the report an sharing this observation with us. The feedback is appreciated!

Let me ask you, is Roon still running on the Win7 PC by chance? And if it is, can you please post a screenshot of the “General” tab found under “settings” in Roon on the PC?