Authorization Problems since middle of June (QNAP)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

QNAP 453 / Firmware 4.4.3 / Roon Server 1.7 build 571

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Home Wifi/Ethernet w/ Sagecom Router

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Description Of Issue

I have a roon server running on the QNAP, and use a Macbook Pro, my Android Phone and my Wife’s Android phone as remotes. Everything was working fine until a few weeks ago. Now, whenever I open Roon Remote on one of the Android phones or the Macbook, I get asked for my password. After a fairly long pause during login, I get asked to select my Roon core, followed by an Authorizations error, telling me I can only authorize 1 device to manage my library. I then get the option to unauthorize the same QNAP, after everything runs fine.

The same process happens every single time I open the app on OSX or Android. I have tried deleting and reinstalling all of the remote apps, as well as simultaneously logging out on all 3 remote apps, but nothing seems to help.

Have you updated the qnap core?
There is a recent update for the authorisation issue.

I can’t find anywhere on that website to actually download a newer or different version. It just says to download through the QNAP app manager.

I’m currently running version 1.7 build 571 from 2020-06-22 and it seems like that is where the problems began.

There is a Roon Server app on the QNAP App Center, but I’m pinging the oracle @crieke who I’m sure will sort you out.

Yes, version 2020-06-22 is the correct one, that should actually fix the reauthorization issue.
It had it on the roonononas website for as long as it was not published in the qnap app store.
The issue should be fixed, if you have version 2020-06-22 installed on your qnap. If this is not the case, I’d be interested to check your logfiles (which can be downloaded in the Roon Server web panel in the QTS Adminsitration by clicking the ambulance icon).


It hasn’t fixed the reauthorization issue, at least for me. I am all updated, have restarted the roon server a couple of times and have reset the QNAP a couple of times, and i get the same “Authorizations” screen on both the current Android app and the current OSX app.
Interestingly, as soon as I “unauthorize” on either app, both apps work fine, but I guess that makes sense.

I am wondering if this has to do with the fact that my server shuts down/sleeps every night from 1AM-7AM? Is there something in the authorization checks that gets confused when the roon server and/or NAS restarts and thinks it’s a whole new roon server?

This is a really frustrating and irritating problem that means I have to spend 30-60 seconds extra any time I want to play music. My membership is about 6 months old and it feels like money flushed down the toilet at this point as we’ve had to move back to Plex for basic playing of music.

I will send you the logfiles, hopefully they will point to a solution; thanks for the help!

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