Authorize or Unauthorize Roon Server Devices [Solved]

Hi, I have recently purchased a Life Membership of the 64bit Windows Roon (Control, Core + Output) software package for my main stereo system comprising Antipodes DX music server (that is enabled with a manufacturer installed Roon Server + Roon Ready packages installed) feeding FLAC 44.1kHz 16bit PCM data to a dCS972 D/D upsampler unit, feeding a dCS Elgar DAC, feeding a pair of monoblock power amplifiers. Music is playing fine through this system setup as-is using the Roon platform.

As a backup for my Antipodes DX music server, I have recently purchased and installed a Synology DS916+ NAS for storage of all my music and other media files. I wish to use the Synology NAS as an alternate standalone Roon Server (Control, Core + Output) for those occasions when the Antipodes Music Server is not in use (switched off completely), so as to enable Roon playback to other devices around the house.

As a novice Roon user, I would like to have your guidance and recommendations regarding the following issues:

  1. Will de-authorizing the Roon-configured Antipodes DX server result in the deletion of my existing Roon Database on the Antipodes DX (is this action recommended for when the Antipodes Server is switched off completely)? and;

  2. If so, how many times can I de-authorize and/or re-authorize my Roon-Server devices in a given time period?

I would appreciate your invaluable guidance as to the recommended procedures to achieve the aforementioned user objectives, and any configuration/setup improvements on the Roon experience (if any). At any one time, only one Roon-Server will be in use. The Antipodes DX music server is only turned on for special listening sessions during which time the NAS Roon-Server will be de-authorized.

Best regards.


Your Roon license covers the use of one Core at a time. You can switch cores as often as you like. All settings/data/etc. will be preserved on the core that is not in use.

You can just turn off the Antipodes when not in use. When using your other core (or switching cores in your remote), you will be asked to unauthorise the one that is not in use.

Hi RBM, thank you for the prompt response. Very much appreciated.

Chak, there is no need to turn off the Antipodes server if you are running Roon Core on the Synology. Your Roon Remote will see the Antipodes Roon Ready as an audio zone, so you can play via that as well as in other rooms, and Roon Core on the Synology can be configured with your music library on the Antipodes as a ‘watched folder’.

Incidentally, the Roon endpoint devices in other rooms should be visible and able to be selected as audio zones when Roon Core is running on the Antipodes.

Hi Tony, thank you for the tip; much appreciated.

Hi Chak, we probably are lost brothers. :rofl:
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