Auto bypassing of convolution filters when playing DSD files

Convolution filters are for PCM only (44.1,48,96Hz,… versions) and they don’t work with DSD files. If you convert DSD files to PCM you lose the detail and it causes skipping errors as it requires a lot of processing power. If you don’t convert then Roon skips DSD files when a convolution filter is on so you have to manually bypass filters every time a DSD file is about to play.

There is no easy fix for that I know of. Adding such a feature would be great.

I second this request and also want to give this topic a bump. In my case the i7 Mac Mini gives a hick-up once every song (average) when playing DSD files with the convolution filter activated (REW generated filters). Here a screen shot of the current playback settings.

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Well, your experience is proof that upgrading my i5 NUC also will not solve my problem!

Why bother with DSD to the Atom, all Naim gear will convert to PCM before the DAC stage internally as the DSP chip they use only deals with PCM they also feel it works better this way from an SQ perspective. There is no benefit of playing native DSD in a Naim system.

That said your iMac is not up to performing the task of any DSP on that Res of material it must be an early generation of i7. DSD and convolution push any system you going to need a more modern chip and beefy chip or that.

Depends on how old that i7 is.

I use Oppo 205 USB input as DAC so sending native DSD makes sense I guess. What chip would you say would handle DSD 256 files with a 9000 tap convo file? Is Roon even coded for multicores?

Have you enabled paralize sigma Delta processor that allows the processing to be spit across two cores. It may give a little bump. I know even my 7i7 struggles with DSD and DSP but it’s a mobile chip like in the nucs. I think for powerful DSP full desktop CPUs are the best to use.

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Yes, that is indeed a good point. I was not aware that the Naim will convert internally to PCM anyhow. The main reason I play DSD files is because I have all my SACDs ripped to DSF files stored on the Mac Mini.

The Mac Mini is an i7 Server from 2011, so it is indeed not the most modern version of the i7. Guess it is not up to that task anymore then. Time for a M1. :grin:

Can you give me a hint of where to find such a setting? In Roon or MacOS?

Thank you! :+1:t2: