Auto-complete dropdowns not working[Ticket in]

I’m running Roon Core on a sonicTransporter AP i7, and grooming my collection with my MacBook Pro running Roon as a remote while I rip CDs. I’ve noticed an irksome problem on the Edit view. For fields such as Label or Country, auto-complete options don’t at all match what I’ve typed. For instance, to get to Capitol Records, typing “Cap” doesn’t help at all, and “Capitol” just leaves everything blank. What I usually have to do is manually scroll down the (long) list to find the right label. I’ve attached two screenshots below. What’s going on here?

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Hi David,

I just tried and I agree it doesn’t work properly.

However, try all lower case letters and see what you get.

Cheers, Greg

Ah yes, looks like it works if typed all lowercase. Of course this is surely still a bug since it’s natural to capitalize the same of the label when searching. Meantime I’ll use lowercase as a work-around.

Hi David,

Yup, it should be fixed. Let’s tag @support and see if a ticket has been issued for this.

Cheers, Greg

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As a note to @support – looks like this affects other drop-down fields with type-entry autocomplete, such as Country, and not just the Label field. Thanks!

I’ve found this problem also. Would be nice to have it fixed…

Hey all,

Thanks for the report, dev team has a ticket about this issue. As a temporary workaround you can use lowercase letters.