Auto-handling: "featuring", "feat.", "(feat.)", "with"

With certain pop genres, for example, dance, electronic, the public databases frequently use variations on the conventions of “feat.” “(feat.)” , “featuring” or “with”, one or more supporting artists in the track title. For example on the Davidge “Slo Light” album almost every track title can end up with the format:

Slo Light feat. Stephonik Youth
How Was Your Day feat. Karima Francis

Of course this can be fixed with a manual edit by removing the featured artists in the track title and putting them in the ARTIST tag with a delimiter “Davidge; Stephonik Youth”.

I have noticed this behaviour also with some jazz tracks and occasionally classical.

Is there not scope for roon to automate these sorts of predictable edits in the background? That is trim the “feat. supporting artist” string in the track title and putting the supporting artist in the ARTIST tag?

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Problem in many genres.

(I also have albums where every track is labeled “for cello, harpsichord and marimba”, but fixing that seems less likely.)

Just for completeness, I am also coming across “vs.”, “v”, “V”, “Vs”, “vs” with “mixes”. Particularly with electronic or house music where there has been a “mash-up” of two or more tracks.

Again, this requires a lot of manual intervention to replace the “vs.” delimiter with “;”

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