Auto-hide/Show top menu bar in fullscreen mode when mouse hovers over

Request for feature when in fullscreen mode to auto-hide the top standard windows close( X) minimise (_) menu bar and pop down when the mouse hovers the top of the screen. Other apps have this feature and is welcome to have the extra real estate of full screen, but the ability to quickly close or minimise the program. At the moment have to quit fullscreen to minimise or close.

It is already there. You aren’t in full screen. Press f11 to get proper fullscreen.

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It’s not there. Tell me where the menu bar is in fullscreen? It’s hidden permanently. Please re-read original post, I’m requesting menu AUTO-HIDE, and shown when mouse hovers over.

I see what you mean now but your original post is ambiguous. Maybe something like “the ability to expose x and _ when in fullscreen mode by hovering the mouse at the top of the screen…”

the correct terminology in software is ‘auto-hide’