Auto notifications?

if this is possible, can we have option in settings to enable mail notification when Roon auto update? I would like to restart the core every time when update happens. At this stage it is only possible by manually checking the version manually every time I use the remote.
Please consider,

You should see a big blue box when the update is available, do you not?

I did not know about that and didn’t pay attention. OK, I will now.
Still, the info email would be better solution imo, but I can live with big blue box if it is too much trouble :slight_smile:

Try and go to the #roon:software-release-notes category and set the notification there to your needs.


I absolutely do every time even on my Android phone endpoint.

I run bleeding edge builds at home, so i can’t go more than a few hours with the damn blue box :exploding_head:

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Thanks, I just set it up after reading your post.