Auto reboot for Nucleus

The performance of my Nucleus degrades such that it needs a reboot about once per week. I forget and then when the system is no longer performing I have to go and reboot the Nucleus. Would it be possible to set up automatic reboots at a user configured time and interval so that the system performance does’t degrade totally?

Sounds like this is a feature request….I’ve moved it thusly.

Or maybe it’s a support issue because this degradation shouldn’t be happening in the first place :slight_smile:

Possibly but the request is for a feature.

Start a support ticket if you’re having issues is the way to do it.

I know that’s the way :slight_smile: Maybe @Stuart_Dudman should do that

Sorry not meant to be directed at you. Darn forum replies options🤦‍♂️


Am I supposed to start a support ticket? The Nucleus has always needed weekly reboots. In the olden days I’d have guessed memory leak, but things have probably moved on.

I would recommend a new topic in #support, this is certainly not normal

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