Auto-Select 'Better' Streaming Album Version

When a streaming service (such as Tidal) is connected to Roon, it would be pretty slick if Roon could automatically play higher quality versions of an album than what is stored in the local library.

i.e. If I have ‘Coldplay - Parachutes’ stored locally as a CD rip but Tidal has that as MQA 192kHz, I would like the option of having Roon automatically play the Tidal version if it’s available. (I’m sure some people would not want this to automatically happen, so it probably needs to be selectable in Prefs.)




The problem is the definition of ‘better’. For me ‘better’ would mean: never ever play the MQA version.
So such an option would start a big discussion.
What is wrong with the current feature of defining a primary version? You can choose for each album what is YOUR best version.

If you search the forum this has been brought up many times. It founders on the definition of better, as people will point out that a lower resolution but better mastered release can be better to some people.