Auto select highest quality source by default, even if Tidal

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I am new to Roon and am very pleased with its functionality and quality so far! I amassed a music collection over the years but had neglected its use as my professional life garnered more attention and lesser services weaseled in with their seductive convenience. I have brought my collection back to life with Roon and am finding a vast array of long lost albums, bringing me great joy. Thank you Roon!

However, and I may very well be missing something, I would like to tell Roon to select the highest quality source available, even if it does not exist in my local library. If I have a lower quality MP3 or ACC source, can Roon go look on Tidal for a high quality version to play instead? I do understand that I can manually find the higher quality source and add to my library and tell Roon to hide the lower quality tracks, but that seems a bit cumbersome if I always want to defer to higher quality sources.

Is there a setting that I have missed?

Many thanks for your great product!



You’ll need to add the album to your collection first. So, for a given album, on the Versions tab select the higher quality recording for play, then add this to your library. Typically the higher quality releases are set as preferred for playback.

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Thanks Martin_Webster - I understand the flow for manually adding albums to my library from Tidal. I am inquiring to see if there is any functionality in place or planned to do this across my entire library. I would like to go ahead and bring in a higher quality version of every lossy rip in library in an automated way.

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Roon will populate the Version tab with alternative releases, but these won’t be added to your library automatically. You may be able to use a service like Soundiiz to replicate your library in TIDAL.

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I agree this would be a nice setting to be able to toggle on/off. Currently, there is no way to do what you’re requesting.


This would be awesome - being able to choose to play a higher quality steam from Tidal for albums in local library with lossy compression. Would be nice as an option.


+1 for this idea. I have recently imported my library of mp3s, back from the day when ripping to flac wasn’t on my radar. It would be wonderful to have roon automatically prefer Tidal versions (even MQA) where possible. Even if this was a one-off feature to scan your library and replace lower quality local with higher quality remote (Tidal) tracks.


+1 for this feature request from me. I would love this, it would be transforming.


Another vote for this. I too ripped my library as 320 aac way back when. Not bad, but I would love it to prefer tidal any time it can. I have been adding album by album as I go, but when I play roon radio, that’s a different story. And I LOVE roon radio btw. Best job of picking music for me I have ever experienced. BIG reason I love roon…


Oh, and this is me too exactly!

“I amassed a music collection over the years but had neglected its use as my professional life garnered more attention and lesser services weaseled in with their seductive convenience. I have brought my collection back to life with Roon and am finding a vast array of long lost albums, bringing me great joy. Thank you Roon!”


I’m in on this request as well. I would love to be able to select the ability to prefer the highest quality of a track. Prefer an MQA version over SD or a high quality Lossless version in my library over a SD version on Tidal.


Another +1. Is there any news on this topic?
What is the best way to scan your local library and than replace less quality with better quality Tidal versions?

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+1; I’d love this. I built my library via iTunes since 2006 using AAC because of storage space and being mindless… Just started with a Roon trial today and because I (mis?)understood from a Roon dealer that this feature was already there, this is a bit of a let down.


Mee as well…

Maybe this is very difficult to implement into Roon? I can imagine that the vast majority of Roon users want the best quality sound and therefore, the best quality audio files.
Is it possible to tag a Roon member?

What also would help, is an option to make a playlist and to let Roon switch all tracks to Tidal versions with an option to exclude selected tracks.

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No clue if it’s difficult to implement.

I think I did read somewhere that you can export playlists from Roon to Tidal.

For me the feature would be irregardless of Tidal, Roon or whatever source. The purpose is to boost the SQ of my aac library more or less automatically. Since I always pre-selected songs when I imported them into iTunes (hence not complete albums by default), I want my library to be the reference to start from, and then have a subscription service elevating the quality.

Another +1 for Roon having the ability to pick a preferred quality level and if a track or album is stored below that level, have Roon override the stored library to play a lossless stream.
Like others here, I started in digital music (from CD’s) without knowing enough, and so many of my files are AAC (stored at less than CD quality). There are some rarities in my library not available on Qobuz or Tidal that will have to stay as MP3’s or AAC, but it would be great to have a way of automatically adding the available HQ online streaming versions of an Album or Track that’s currently sat in the library as a compressed file.
Ideally, you would be able to automatically “prefer” any HQ stream over any pre-existing lesser quality library file.
In my case if that happened, I’d probably identify and delete any lower quality files that were now streamable in HQ - and also delete the low quality files where I still have the CD’s and so can re-rip them into FLAC files using my Innuos Zenith SE.
The more automated this could be - the better.
Any suggestions?

Mee too !!!

Would definitely be a feature / option that would make Roon stand out even more. And for sure many having a demand for that too - especially since also CD/ FLAC rips got better counterparts like MQA/Masters in Tidal.

Toggle on/off would be a must if implemented as some may prefer to chose manually.

For my library it would make sense to automate from lossy format (mp3) to CD or hi-res quality.

But I would not want automation above CD quality because there for me the original master is much more important than actual non lossy format selection.

Question would be for MQA which I understood is a lossy format, but probably to put same or above CD quality threshold to satisfy with the fans.

How you can make this sound so hard :smiley: Just chose hifi, disable mqa decoder and adjust custom sample rates. And drink beer.