(Auto-)Tag songs in TIDAL playlists

TIDAL playlists cannot be edited. The copies of playlists that can be created do not integrate well with the library features of Roon. Exporting all songs of these copied playlists in the future doesn’t work either.

The tags function works beautifully for many reasons. I suggest to tag songs in TIDAL playlists with the name of that playlist.

Two suggested solutions:

  1. Enable a manual option for tagging in the track view.
    Use the track view, focus on tracks that are linked to TIDAL tracks, which are linked to a TIDAL playlist of choice. If this is possible, we open up a way to mass-manipulate tracks belonging to a TIDAL playlist. E.g. for tagging them.

  2. Automatic feature for tagging songs in a TIDAL playlist.
    If enabled on a TIDAL playlist, all songs in the playlist are automatically imported in the Roon library and tagged with the name of the playlist.


  1. All cool Roon library functions and playlist names as tags
  2. When you add these tags to new TIDAL songs, they are not automatically synched back to TIDAL. BUT, they can be exported to a service like SoundIIZ in the future.

Any suggestions on other ways to have the same benefits are really welcome!