Auto-tune is a total debacle; prove me wrong

(Andrew Cox) #21

I smile thinking of Stevie without even hearing his music !

Here’s Joe Walsh playing with a Vocoder in the second best band he was ever in:

(Scott G) #22

Can’t prove it. But the same was probably said about:
Digital music
Synthed violins (It is the work of Satan…!)
Just sayin’

(Mark) #23

Ah, so this is why I really, really, really hate Daft Punk.

(Mark) #24

I take it you mean the Roland 808? I absolutely love the 808 drum machine, I used to dream of owning one through my early teens :grin:

It’s funny because I don’t mind the electronic effects used on voices in old school Hip Hop but I really hate it on any music past the late 80’s.

(Mark) #25

Great thread @andybob :+1:t2:

(Scott G) #26

Yep. Them. I understand there was some skepticism (ahem) when it came out. But it’s done a lot for bass drums in a totally synthetic way, with a big feature being how you dial in distortion in a musically pleasing way.

(Anders Vinberg) #27

Auto-tuned cat:

(Andrew Cox) #28

In the end, I think it’s like a whammy bar on a guitar. If done tastefully, a cool effect; but annoying if gratuitously over used. The line is obviously subjective and I fall quite a ways towards the subtler end.

I am, however, concerned that all the artists I’ve approved as having used Auto-tune artefacts artistically are as white as the driven snow; I’m starting to feel like some Imperial Grand Wizard. Is T-Pain and Daft Punk as good as R&B Auto-tune gets, or is there something more subtle I should listen to ?

(Dick Vliek) #29

I also hate it when human voices get a computerized edge, but I dont think autotune can ‘make’ artists. TPain for example is a really good singer

(Andrew Cox) #30

I liked that, thanks. Definitely a good singer.

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(String ) #32

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(Henry) #33

Sat in an eatery listening to Buble earlier. Couldn’t listen to him. The Auto-tune was soo obvious on some tracks. Once you know you can’t unknow it.

(Paul Whittaker) #34

Amazing comment! Back when Epiphany was life :slight_smile:

(Jeremy) #35

I don’t understand. Did you read what I wrote. I dont listen to Buble because he can’t sing and relies on auto-tune.

I am astonished that you seem unable to discern anything so completely obvious as auto-tune distortion.

I think my observation above may have bearing on your passion with MQA.

I am realizing that experiences are very different among Roon users and this may have more to do with hearing acuity than anything else.

MQA disappointing
(Chris ) #36

You will need to back up that statement with evidence, or is it just your opinion.

(Jeremy) #37

You really can’t hear it can you?

This is why I need to prove something that should be obvious.

For the record, Michael Buble himself admits he uses auto-tune because he has “a pitchy voice”…

(Chris ) #38

Well, if he does, he does. That doesn’t make it a bad record though. It is a heck of a performance… here goes… especialy in MQA as available on Tidal. :joy:

(Martin Kelly) #39

Does he or doesn’t he?

But who gives a DAMN if he does, or he doesn’t? The guy’s an entertainer. And BOY does he do that superbly! :+1:

(Daniel Beyer) #40

Kind of like Milli Vanilli. Good performers, Who cares if they can’t sing.