Auto Update for roon server / bridge?

I have a roon MOCK and several roon endpoint installations.
The MOCK is running dietpi / roon server (installed via the dietpi menu).
The endpoints are of two varieties:

My question is whether roon server and roon bridge will auto update in such configurations. Or is there a manual update process that I need to invoke regularly?

You will get a blue pop up dialogue box telling you an update is due and you click to initiate it. From there the core and bridges should auto update. The update regimes for DietPi will need to be done manually and I presume Volumio will be the same although I have never used that software.

Thanks @Henry_McLeod
I will keep an eye open for the blue pop up. In the meantime I have found out that the software versions are also listed in the about section in settings of roon core.