Auto volume weirdness

Have two endpoints available on my HiFi. Playing the same file, using exactly the same DSP settings and same auto volume settings on both devices, and with both devices using fixed volume there is a HUGE difference in the auto volume… see images.

Any thoughts?

volume levelling is not set in DSP, but in the settings of your zone. Perhaps they have both a different target?

Hi @rDin,

Can you please right-click on each of the zones (dCS Network Bridge/Bel Canto) and take a screenshot of your Zone Settings?

Both zone settings are identical…

Volume levelling: Auto
Target: -14 LUFS
Loudness adjustment if unknown: -5dB

Hi @rDin,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots, the volume leveling does look the same. I have a few further questions:

  1. Do you experience this behavior solely on this one track or do other tracks also display this issue?

  2. If you try to stream this track to “System Output”, what is the reported volume leveling adjustment? Can you share a screenshot of your Signal Path when streaming to “System Output”?

Here you go - System Output on my PC.

This is the only track I’ve noticed it on so far… was doing some A/B testing of the two devices and this is one of my test tracks.

Hi @rDin,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot, it appears the volume leveling info is the same as the dCS. I wonder if this is media-related, can I please request that you send me the affected file as a private message via Dropbox / Google Drive?

What do the Parametric EQ settings look like? I see you have two stacked with two different PEQ.

Perhaps you inadvertently boosted the gain in the PEQ. It’s easy to do and not know it as the whole scale moves up.

I would disable both PEQ settings and check Volume Leveling in the Signal Path.

Here’s an example of where I boosted everything by +6dB.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 12.20.30 PM

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Both endpoints using the same DSP, which should result in the same output…

Hi @rDin,

Is the behavior the same if you disable all DSP and play the file nativity?
I also requested the hardware team take a look at the file.

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