Autocomplete when searching


Maybe I am doing something wrong, but when I search for a song, artist or album that I have never searched before, I need to put exactly the compete name of the artist to find it in Roon (i have tidal and local files)
On tidal app, when I start typing the name of a song/artist, it automatically shows result on the bottom of the screen. I find this extremely useful.


I want to lock for “Technitronic” (I know is old :slight_smile:)… if I just search for “techno”, the result will be songs or artist that actually have “techno” as a complete word. Technotronic necer came up in the search result. But if i search Technotronic, i will find the artist immediately.

This happens with all my searches . Does Roon expect that I know exactly the name of the artist songs?

If I look for “Rhapsody”, I will never find Bohemian Rhapsody

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong on Roon. When I do the same searches directly on Tidal, I can find the song/artists.


I forgot to add that I am using Roon 1.6 on the core and the end points.

It shows up in compositions when I searched. Give it time it will get better the more we use it.

Thank you!

I found it.

I’ll wait a little bit to see if more rults come when I only search for part of the artist. Let’s say that you don’t remember how to write “Led Zeppelin”

If I write Led and hit search, I will find Led Zeppelin.

If I write “Zeppelin”, I find Led Zeppelin as well, but.

If I search “Zepp” and hit search, I find a lot of zepp results that I have never seen before, but Led Zeppelin never comes :frowning:

Any suggestions?
Do you have the same behavior?


In the case, I wanted Led Zeppelin. and I just searched zepp, I would then click on the funnel icon and type Led. This will filter the search results and give you exactly what you want. By the way, given that there is a band named Zepp and serveral recording artists whose name is Zepp, I would expect those exact artist matches to appear first.