Autofs and roonServer

I had been serving up my music via nfs and thought I’d be bold and install autofs.
Upon reboot roon loses the path to the data so I reintroduce the path (settings → storage) and let the scanning begin.
Here is where it went horribly wrong for me. 10 hours later, it was still scanning and finding songs. my collection of 12K tracks now numbered 100K and growing. Coincidently there is a lag when found tracks and processed tracks are 10k different.

a quick check of the mount point only showed 4 bands though. ls -l /mnt/point. I decided to go to bed and let it run. At around 4am, the process crashed and the cleanup began when I awoke.

I have since gone back to static mounts.

I think my end ask is, is autofs(automountd) supported with roonServer/Bridge.

Thank you.