Autoimport has stopped working for my Watched folders

I am running Roon Server on a Windows 10 PC. All my music is in watched folders on a NAS. Recently the auto import feature for all these watched folders has stopped working (it was working well previously). If I add music to any of the folders I have to open Roon, select the watched folder and force a rescan. It will then import the music in the first go without a problem. However, unless I do this the music does not get imported. The NAS is a Synology DS1513+. I have added the NAS using the Windows UNC path in Roon.

Hey @PSS2P – sorry for the slow response here.

Is Roon using your NAS drive’s username and password, or are you only using the path? I would recommend trying the former, if you’re not already.

Also, is the Synology configured for SMB3?

Lastly, be aware that we have some changes coming soon in our 1.2 release to address exactly what you’re describing here, so expect real-time file scanning to improve once our next release goes live. Thanks!