Automate tasks with controlplane

Yesterday I came across this app called controlplane for mac. It allows me to automate the following tasks:

  1. mount my network volumes in synology as soon as I start RoonServer (previously I had to do this manually by using Connect To Server in Finder)

  2. start HQPlayer as soon as I start RoonServer

  3. close HQPlayer as soon as I exit RoonServer

Best of all, it is free (donationware)! Thought I’d share this wonderful find.

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As I experimented further I’ve automated more tasks:

  1. start RoonServer automatically when my USB DAC is connected

  2. once RoonServer is started, mount my network volumes in Synology, start NoSleep (an app which prevents MBP from sleeping when lid is closed), quit Dropbox, disable Time Machine

  3. once USB DAC is unplugged, quit RoonServer

  4. once quitting RoonServer, quit Roon Remote (if running), quit NoSleep, start Dropbox, enable Time Machine

With the above my MBP is becoming a serious audio transport. I’ve uninstalled HQP for now as the connection to Roon is still not stable enough.