Automated dsp preset selection

Hi all, has anyone asked for this?
I have 2 dsp presets - one for pcm files, and one for dsd files.
Would it be possible once I turn on dsp for Roon, for the software to auto select the appropriate dsp preset based on the audio format?
At the moment I do it manually. Hope makes sense and isn’t crazy!

Best wishes


Ok nobody liked this idea :sob:

Hi @Hud,
No response, does not necessarily mean that there is no interest :wink: .Users may like it, but don’t always post a me-too. Roon team does not typically respond to feature request on the forums, but does read them and at least considers them. Although you shouldn’t hold your breath until implementation ;-).

For any feature request on this forum, it is generally very helpful to describe in detail WHY it would be such a nice feature. What would be the exact use case ? What exactly is done differently in your example? Perhaps, how does it benefit us all?

Honestly speaking, I would not understand your use case right now. Why would a PCM file require different DSP processing, than a DSD file ?
I feel that the Room team has similar doubts…

This is not about not agreeing with you ;-). It’s a matter of understanding what you want to achieve, and more importantly, WHY you want that.

Roon usually focuses on the WHY part, and tries to find a way to fit that into their plans. If ever implemented, it can be very different from the literal request. Focus on the result, and not on the method to achieve that result.

Hey appreciate the response Marco :slight_smile:

Good point as to why - my current understanding which may be all wrong is that if I upscale pcm or dsd I eeek out the last drops of “resolution”.

So my pcm Preset upscales to 768k, and my dsd preset upscales to dsd256.

If I have my dsd preset ON, this converts pcm files to dsd. But I’d rather play pcm files as pcm files with no conversion to dsd. So I then change the preset manually to the PCM upscale preset.

ie I am trying to avoid conversion between pcm and dsd, just upscale to max setting in the same original format.

Of course in the current situation if I have my dsd upscale preset ON, it upscale PCM files as well to dsd. And vice versa.

Does that make sense? Am I misguided? :wink:


Much clearer now !

I don’t like to upsample myself, but would absolutely not call you misguided ;-).

Your description right now, sounds like quite a different feature request.
Not : ‘Please setup entire DPS chains, dependant on the stream type (PCM or DSD)’.
But : ‘Please allow the upsampler, to always keep the current stream type (PCM or DSD)’

Is that correct ?

If so, then I believe that is already possible. I cannot check however, as I have no DSD capable equipment at hand…

Go to your DSP settings, then Sample Rate Conversion.
As for your own example, set all PCM rates to 768kHz (green rectangle).
And set all DSD rates in red rectangle, to the highest one. (I cannot do this without DSD equipment. But I guess that YOU can).

Does that do the trick for you ?

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Aha! I did not see this custom setting. Yes it works!
Much appreciated Marco :grinning:

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Great ! And you are very welcome.

Fun to see, how your problem turned out to be a nice example of this motto. Honestly did not see that coming :slight_smile: