Automated Word Blocking

Tr*mp is also posh for fart.

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I was astonished I had to put the asterix in or it wasn’t allowed. Censorship is not what I expect on any forum accept for outright ad hominem attacks on posters.

Although I agree with your post, Roon doesn’t want this forum to turn into a political battle zone. I can understand that.

I agree, but we have moderators for that and don’t need innocuous words filtered by the forum software.

Jesus Christ
Boris Johnson

I agree. No political or religious rows, but censorship isn’t the way.

I disagree. If we don’t follow the forum rules, moderators have to spend time deleting the offending post and or words, etc. I see no problem in doing that using automated systems. It’s the same thing, IMHO.


Maybe the system should prevent the use of offensive words, but blocking tr*mp and permitting words such as pi@@ed, f@@k and so on are okay?

Who said that? Not me. [moderated]

No politics.


Moderation making it difficult to talk about moderation. Very meta…

Hi @killdozer, The moderated text was not about being moderated.

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If I want to swear and talk politics, there are other avenues. IMO, this is not the place for it.


Before I quit flying (because I decided age 72 was a good time to quit), I spent a lot of time on a few aviation forums. We could hardly talk about flying because of all the political arguments. Most aircraft owners are not liberal Democrats, so I got pounded if I ever spoke up. I agree, we should not talk politics (or religion) here.


Hi @Carl, I saw the original but the moderation on a thread about automated moderation amused me. I’m a free speech advocate but I’ve no desire to see politics argued on the forum and believe you mods do a good job and are generally easy going.


The question is what is the way then? There’s appropriate forums for religion and politics and they can be very unpleasant. Things on here can also get heated, just try an MQA thread :wink: It’s nice to have somewhere that’s just music, kit and Roon. I’m not sure how you keep it that way without “censorship” in some form.


I made a joke about a word having a meaning in the UK. That is all. It came to mind when someone wrote the word and someone wrote it was a pity a different verb wasn’t used. Someone else had a pop at him about that!

I have not called for discussion of politics. I have no wish to write about politics. I have never indicated that I wish to. Please get off me, and that means privately too.

This is exactly how arguments happen. People read what they want into something written and then go on the offensive.

I have been on the receiving of cr@p several times on this forum for no good reason. I have never been rude to anyone nor mocked nor put anyone down. I wish I could say no one has written in that vain to me.

No offence intended @Knitman. I thought you raised a point that I agreed with in principle. It’s just there are practical difficulties and I just discussed a few is all.

Sincere apologies if I caused unintentional offence.

Anytime you mention a politician’s name, you are going to offend some people. The solution is don’t mention his/her name.

I’m with @Knitman on this one. There was neither a discussion about politics nor mention of the incumbent POTUS.

Trumps is a legitimate British English word and should not be censured. Nor should the singular. This is an international forum and everyone’s language and culture should be respected.

As my earlier post illustrates, former presidents and other potentially offensive/ inflammatory words are not blocked.

There is no need for word blocking; the forum will self moderate—we all appear to agree that politics has no place here—or our trusted moderators will step in.

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I’m also with @Knitman but it’s nuanced. In an ideal world the forum would be uncensored. That’s probably not practical if you want to ensure friendly conversation that stays on topic. @Martin_Webster, I’d say you’re really debating the form censorship should take. Moderation is still censorship, but applied with human judgement. Again I’d favour moderation over automated tools, but I don’t have to administer a busy forum.