Automatic backup is failing

Let no good deed go unpunished. Team Roon successfully solved my issue with my sonicTransporter endpoint disappearing each night when automatic backup kicks in at 2am.

But now, automatic backups isn’t working. Seems only when I manually backup that it is working correctly.

See attached screenshots. I am not playing any music at 2am or near then that should cause the auto backup to fail.

@Eric and team, you know my setup already, so wondering what your thoughts are on this one! Cheers. JCR

Answering my own question. When I shutdown Roonserver and deleted my cache because of Tidal connectivity issues and restarted Roonserver, I am now getting auto backups working again. JCR

Hi @Jeffrey_Robbins ----- Thank you for the post and sharing your feedback with us. My apologies for the slow response here, things are moving a bit slower than we’d normally like due to the holiday season/new year. Your understanding is appreciated.

Moving forward, I wanted to check in with you after your most recent update. How have things been holding up? Let me know and if further assistance is required I will be glad to help.

Many thanks!

Hi @Eric. Not sure if you saw my post directly above, but I do have auto backups working again each night, at least over the last couple and there’s no reason to suggest it will not continue now to work. Seems a reboot of the Roonserver, and perhaps coincidentally the deletion of my cache folder (to address Tidal not functioning through Roon at the time), has solved the issue for me. Of course, if it reappears and I can’t resolve, I will just pop in for another support request.

Unrelated to this post, but as you will recall, the Bel Canto endpoint through my sonicTransporter is staying connected through the auto (and the manual) backups of Roon I’ve conducted since your team suggested that the ST may have thought itself running a core at the same time.

So, all good going into 2018. Happy new year! Cheers and thanks for the followup. JCR

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