Automatic Boxset Tags

As I rebuild my Roon setup and import all my music again, I find that Roon is automatically generating Boxset XXAlbum tags when it thinks it’s encountered a box set. It’s been wrong 41 out of 42 times so far. What are these tags, and is there a way to turn this off? Right now, I just highlight all of them in the Tags page and delete them en masse.
Latest Roon build, latest Mac OS, all other details are in my profile.

That’s new ?

Are you setting ROONALBUMTAG externally , that wI’ll cause the behaviour you’re describing this is useful if thats what you want

Nothing else I know will

Hah! I’ll bet SongKong is setting it. Interesting.

How can I put it to work? It’s making a new “boxset” tag for each “set”, not just generically tagging it as a box.


Yes that’s a mod that @paultaylor made recently, I think there is a checbox in SK to turn it on or off

Hi, yes it is a SongKong setting called Add RoonAlbumtag to albums identified as boxsets on the Format tab but not enabled by default even with the Roon profile. However I am concerned that you say it is getting it wrong, could you do me a favour and run Create Support Files so I can see your report and how it is getting it wrong.

It’s my fault, I think. The tracks were orphans, and SongKong ID’d them as part of a box set. Song Kong wasn’t necessarily wrong about that, but it threw me, as I thought they were singles. I’m working on a very large library, and there are strays that I don’t know about until something brings them to my attention.